OnePlus 3 speedtest against Galaxy S7 edge is bloodbath

With the OnePlus 3’s wholesome 6GB of RAM, you’d think it’d be a beast at multitasking between apps and games. And in the past, the major marketing peg that OnePlus has stood on was that fact that it made flagship killing phones. So, the logical fallacy here would be that the OnePlus 3 would beat up, say, a Galaxy S7 edge with its pesky 4GB of RAM and bullet-fast Exynos 8890 in a speedtest comparison, right?

Nope. Not according to C4ETech’s video.

The outlet tested the two on loading apps and keeping them in memory. It included loading both “Temple Run 2” and “Asphalt 8” along with Skype, Twitter, YouTube, the stock camera app and an array of other apps.

It took about a third longer for the OnePlus 3 to complete the app loading test than it did for the Galaxy S7 edge. The S7 edge also was able to keep the games in memory.

A lot of it can be placed on how each device manages its memory, sure. Just having a spec on a sheet doesn’t tell all. Samsung also has an edge up (ha) over the OnePlus 3 in optimizing games on Android with the Vulkan API, which provides significant control over memory use. Oh, and did we mention the Exynos? Yep, that processor that’s been blasting benchmarks in general? Yeah, that too.

The largest ameliorating factor is the price gap: $399 for the OnePlus 3 versus at least $650 for a standard Galaxy S7. But with future software updates and a whole bunch of other hardware on these phones, it’s not to say that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for.

Via: PhoneArena

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