OnePlus 3 soundly defeats Galaxy S7 in rapid charging combat (video)

Samsung may have conveniently left out the ultimate heavyweight contender to Galaxy S7’s battery life crown when pitting its non-S Pen-supporting flagship against such beasts (and power hogs) as the iPhone 6s, HTC 10, LG G5, and Huawei P9.

But knowing full well the strengths of its (relatively) affordable hero device, OnePlus goes for the king’s jugular, refusing to be ignored, with Dash Charge technology apparently running circles around Adaptive Fast Charging.

Marketing mumbo jumbo aside, you need to keep in mind the aforementioned monikers are how OnePlus and Samsung refer to their proprietary rapid charging solutions, meant to free you from wall-hugging shackles in less time than it would normally take for a 3,000 mAh cell to get up and running.

Both companies flaunt astonishing endurance numbers provided by just 30 to 60 minutes of charging, but at the end of the day, the OnePlus 3 crushes the Galaxy S7, at least in a video comparison put together by the former’s manufacturers.

Half an hour seemingly juices up the 6GB RAM/1080p 5.5-incher from 1 to 64 percent capacity, while its 4 gig memory/Quad HD 5.1-inch rival barely reaches the 50 percent mark. Not exactly a conclusive gap, though a second head-to-head battle wraps up in a humiliating loss for the GS7, which faces big trouble “adapting” to its screen being left on when “fast charging.” As for the OnePlus 3, the bad boy still “dashes” to 67 percent power even with the display at full brightness.

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