Right now, with the last days of the year running by as quickly as they are, we’re already finding ourselves looking out to a lot of hardware that’s expected to launch in 2016. A lot of that has focused on early-year models like the Galaxy S7, or maybe that new iPhone 6C, but other rumors look further out still – hell, we’re even talking about the iPhone 8. OnePlus only just brought us the OnePlus 2 this past summer, so chances are we’re still a little over half a year away from when we’ll see a sequel emerge. Nevertheless, some early rumors are more than ready to pounce on the OnePlus 3 and give us at least one idea for what OnePlus could be planning for the phone’s hardware.

One source claims that OnePlus will be going with a Snapdragon 820 SoC for the OnePlus 3, and that the phone will feature the return of a 1080p display.

That SoC claim is easy enough to buy, especially considering how the OnePlus 2 went with the then-currently-best Snapdragon 810. As for the screen, it may be lower-res than some shopper might like (especially for a 2016 handset), but OnePlus certainly had the option to go with a different screen for the OnePlus 2 and stuck with 1080p – so why stop now?

So far, though, both aspects to that rumor have yet to be corroborated.

In addition to that info, we also have the render you see here. The translation accompanying the pic is a little wonky, but it talks enough about “conceptual” designs and “imagination” to have us thinking this may be just an unofficial mock-up. It also represents some significant departures from existing OnePlus design, like dropping the front fingerprint scanner, so we’ll need a little more convincing before we actually believe this is how the OnePlus 3 might arrive.

Source: Upleaks (Weibo), Mobile Dad (Google Translate)
Via: GSM Arena

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