OnePlus 3 pricing could start at $350 after all, with a million units ready for sale off the bat

Tipsters probably couldn’t rain on the parade of OnePlus fans if they wanted to anymore, now that we know the 2016 “flagship killer” will be the beginning of the end for the company’s despised invite system.

Even better, it looks like the Chinese startup is all grown up and ready to handle a wide commercial launch of a hotly anticipated high-end Android phone going down the very same day of its formal announcement.

But what exactly are its chances of not seeing the OnePlus 3 backordered moments after the fancy VR debut? Apparently, pretty solid, at least according to a Weibo tattletale, who claims there will be no less than 1 million units up for grabs on June 14.

That should be enough for the first few days, weeks or even months of the device’s availability, since the OnePlus One barely sold 1.5 million copies in a 12-month window.

Granted, demand might considerably rise this year with the retirement of invitations and no waiting required, as well as the best OnePlus bang for buck to date. It’s unlikely the 4GB RAM-packing OnePlus 3 will be cheaper than its 3 gig predecessor, as reports suggested a while ago, but at $350 and up, the new guy is still shaping up as an absolute steal.

350 bucks, or 2,300 Yuan in China, shall of course buy you an “entry-level” configuration with 32GB internal storage and 4 gigs of random-access memory. As Tenaa hinted, both 4 and 6GB RAM versions capable of accommodating 64GB data are in the pipeline, possibly priced at CNY 2,500 and 2,800, equating to $380 and $425 respectively. But there may also be a fourth OnePlus 3 flavor, setting you back 2,700 Yuan or $410 with 6GB RAM and a 32GB ROM. Plenty of exciting stuff ahead, it seems.

Sources: GizmoChina, Mobipicker

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