OnePlus 3 rendered in all its HTC-inspired glory, said to only pack 3,000 mAh cell

Although we still have no idea when it’s supposed to go official (sometime in the next couple of months is the safe, vague bet), the OnePlus 3 has been the protagonist of several unauthorized photo-shoots of late, as well as speculative reports detailing confidential information like hardware specs and retail prices.

Of course, you can’t trust everything you see and read on the web, and so, we didn’t. That first visual leak in particular felt sketchy and untrustworthy, but it turns out we’ve grown a little too suspicious for our own good.

Believe it or not, arguably the most reliable mobile tipster, Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, upholds the original live exposé with an extremely similar albeit much more polished press render. While the device’s front follows the design language of the OnePlus 2, with sharp corners, super-slim vertical screen bezels, and a physical home button underneath the AMOLED display, the rear cover has very little in common with past “flagship killers.”

Not to point fingers, but it’s more HTC or Apple than OnePlus. Say good-bye to gimmicky sandstone or ceramic finishes, and hello to aluminum unibody. Also, pretty conspicuous antenna bands, a large, simple and rectangular main camera resembling that of the One M9, subtle logo, and minimal bells and whistles otherwise, with no patterns, no dots, no odd textures.

There’s obviously a speaker grille on the bottom too, alongside a USB Type-C port, whereas the obligatory fingerprint reader is surely embedded into the home key. In addition to AMOLED screen technology replacing IPS LCD, our most trusted leakster only reveals one other specification today – 3,000 mAh battery.

That sounds disheartening, especially with the predecessor of the OnePlus 3 packing a 3,300 mAh cell, but it could support the previously wild theory of the new powerhouse shrinking its diagonal to 5 inches from 5.5.

Source: Twitter

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