The OnePlus 3 was put on a leash with its six hearty gigabytes memorizing fewer apps than it was capable of in an effort to be power-efficient. As a result, we learned that it wasn’t as fast as it could be loading and keeping open apps and games when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. XDA dug in to figure out a tweak that could radically change how the OnePlus 3 handled its RAM.

One switch in a string of code later, what else would switch?

C4ETech did the initial speedtest comparison and has done another with the tweak turned on.

Spoiler alert, the OnePlus 3 has the S7 edge by a hare’s breath, opening a combination of some sixteen apps (including Temple Run 2 and the taxing-to-load Asphalt 8) in 67 seconds compared to 61. The OnePlus 3 won the subsequent run through the apps, keeping both games in memory unlike in its first test. It beat the S7 edge by 11 seconds.

Here’s a table of results from the earlier test without the tweak added in.

Device Round 1 Round 2 Round 1 w/ tweak Round 2 w/ tweak
Galaxy S7 edge 61 seconds 95 seconds 61 seconds 95 seconds
OnePlus 3 70 seconds 142 seconds 67 seconds 90 seconds

Turning off OS animations, times improved for both devices with the S7 edge coming down to a combined 90 seconds for both runs and the OnePlus 3 dropping to 82 seconds.

Don’t take away much from this particular comparison as C4ETech points out unless you want to tweak your device as well.

Via: BGR

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