After more than two years of controversial activity, three highly divisive phones, a silly drone, bizarre iPhone case and a number of decidedly sketchy publicity stunts, you’ve probably come to expect all the unexpected in the world from OnePlus.

Rumors of the company intentionally leaking a recent high-quality render of its own upcoming flagship handheld might well be accurate, and it’d also be no shocker if the image turned out to be a very believable decoy.

Meanwhile, co-founder Carl Pei has been trolling the heck out of his Twitter followers for the past few days, claiming “this feels much better in the hand than the OnePlus One”, and then rhetorically and sarcastically asking “who’s looking forward to invites making a comeback?”

Obviously, the answer to the latter question, if posed in seriousness, would be “absolutely no one in the whole wide world.” But unless we’re reading this all wrong, Pei is in fact suggesting the loathed invitation-based purchase system won’t be returning. Not for the OnePlus 3, and definitely not for the 2 or X.

It remains to be seen if OnePlus has already managed to develop the production and distribution muscle necessary to actually handle “normal” demand and not keep its customers waiting for months, with the structure of invites out of the picture.

As for Pei’s other recent cryptic tweet, beyond the easy lewd jokes and innuendos (that’s what she said), it’s safe to assume better ergonomics, maneuvering and perhaps decreased OnePlus 3 bulk are hinted at. With metal taking sandstone’s place, anything’s possible.

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