Limited OnePlus 3 ‘blind sale’ slated for June 6 in China at $455 (not actual price)

How much longer can OnePlus keep the hype train going? Well, the goal is probably until June 14, with the remaining 10 days or so likely dedicated to the most unconventional imaginable OnePlus 3 publicity stunts.

Case in point, a “blind”, limited pre-sale taking place on Monday, in China. While OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei recently confessed to his company not being a fan of so-called flash sales, this sure sounds exactly like one of those gimmicks so often employed by device manufacturers to garner buzz around a product that’s not technically ready for primetime yet.

But true to form, OnePlus puts an original spin on the universally loathed concept, making it even more absurdly restrictive. Not only will just 1,000 people be accepted in come June 6, but these also have to trust the divisive OEM, pledging their hard-earned cash to the OnePlus 3, sight unseen. Literally, since all you’ll know about the phone before receiving it on June 15 (in China) is the name.

Otherwise, the above pictured retail box could contain anything. Granted, we’re pretty certain a metal-clad 5.5-incher with Snapdragon 820 muscle, at least 4GB RAM, 16 and 8MP cameras, NFC support, and 3,000 mAh battery is what you’re looking at, but the point is you can’t know for sure.

And no, the 3,000 Yuan ($455) charged as part of the unusual program isn’t a clear indication of the variant you’ll be getting, as refunds will be offered if the handheld ends up costing less.

Meanwhile, there’s also an official 6-second teaser video making the rounds, which confirms… a rectangular slab shall exclusively go on sale through Amazon in India. That’s all… for now.

Sources: OnePlus, YouTube

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