OnePlus 2 vs Galaxy S6: the $300 difference (Video)

It’s a fantastic time to buy a Galaxy S6. Here in the States, the price has just been slashed by about a hundred bucks at some retailers, and it’s probably got the best camera you can find on an Android smartphone. Add in the excellent display and formidable feature set, and you’re looking at a handheld that finally fulfills its promise of being “the Next Big Thing.”

But Samsung’s been trotting out that old line for three years now, and it’s not selling phones like it used to. Maybe what people want more than a phone with the best of everything is a phone that does much of what the Galaxy S6 does, but cheaper. A lot cheaper.

Enter the OnePlus 2, the latest high-end smartphone that challenges our expectations of what an affordable flagship can be in 2015. We’ve gone hands-on with the OnePlus 2, unboxed it and answered your most pressing questions, and thus far we’ve come away impressed. But does the “2016 flagship killer” bring enough game to keep pace with its overpowered competition, let alone overthrow it? Let’s find out.

OnePlus 2 vs Galaxy S6

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