OnePlus 2 price dropped to $300, OnePlus X available for $200 stateside

In case you needed further proof that the OnePlus 3 is nigh (under three weeks away, apparently), and set to cost even less than its predecessor upon launch, the China-based company responsible for so many great deals these past couple of years just outdid itself with a fresh round of global smartphone discounts.

Wherever available, the OnePlus 2, X and One are significantly cheaper than before, and since there’s no expiration date attached to the super-attractive promos, you may want to hurry. Especially with invitations thrown out across the board.

Stateside, if you visit the OEM’s e-store, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the 2015 “flagship killer” priced at only $300 with 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM. The top-of-the-line OnePlus 2 configuration debuted at $390 last summer, and had its MSRP permanently slashed to $350 a few months ago.

Meanwhile, the late 2015-released 5-inch OnePlus X is today treated to its first ever generalized discount, going for $200 instead of $250. On British shores, the 3GB RAM/16GB ROM/Full HD/Snapdragon 801 handheld is now sold at £190, and in most EU countries, it sets you back €240.

The OnePlus One, described as the “smartphone that started it all but can still keep up with the big boys”, is itself technically marked down, only it’s listed as out of stock in the US and many European markets. In Hong Kong though, it’s still up for grabs, starting at HKD 1,800 (USD 230).

Back to the arguably most appealing member of the discounted trio, the OnePlus 2 costs HKD 2,400, €320, and £250 in the respective specific territories of those currencies. Pretty awesome bang for your… Hong Kong buck, Euro or pound, don’t you think?

Source: OnePlus Forums

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