OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X now available without invites, plus cheap accessories

Without going into great detail, OnePlus took to social media earlier this week to preview its “four epic days” of “open sales and holiday deals.” At the time, we presumed only the OnePlus 2 would be available for all between November 27 and 30, but it turns out the X is also invited to the no-invitation party.

Unfortunately, the two phones still start at their normal prices of $389 and $249 stateside, and €399 and €269 respectively on the old continent. Yes, that’s 390 bucks and 400 euros for the Chinese company’s newest flagship device, because you don’t get to choose the 3GB RAM/16GB ROM or 4/64 variants. The latter is all by its lonesome in stock.

As far as the OnePlus X is concerned, the color “options” are limited to one – onyx, not ceramic. Ergo, keeping up this latest open sale for a full 96 hours sounds like a new Mission Impossible movie’s script.

What you might be able to freely score through Cyber Monday from the OEM’s online stores around the world are discounted accessories, including the massively controversial USB Type-C cable and adapter, which now cost under 5 and 9 bucks in the US.

A protective case for the OG OnePlus One can be had at just $1.10, flip covers set you back $1.50 after whopping $13.50 reductions, and USB power adapters are a buck each. Everything that’s not specifically designed for the OPO is a measly 10 percent off, Icons earphones, power banks, OnePlus 2 StyleSwap covers and X wood cases included.

Source: OnePlus

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