OnePlus formally launched its One back in April of last year, so it’s perfectly understandable that we’re already getting curious about when a follow-up might be ready. Rumors have already listed some hardware details that make the presumptive OnePlus 2 sound pretty damn appealing, talking about some top-shelf silicon within. Now we’re hearing about similarly premium components making up the phone’s exterior, as well, with rumors of a metal frame.

Reportedly, OnePlus is interested in moving from polycarbonate to metal with the aim of making the OnePlus 2 come off as more of a higher-end, desirable smartphone. While that could certainly help the company accomplish that goal, we also wonder what this talk of a metal frame means for OnePlus’s goal of making its failed interchangeable-back StyleSwap system finally work with this year’s model.

The idea of a OnePlus 2 that’s more expensive than the first-gen model returns here, though not while naming any specific figure. Previously, we looked at claims that the phone could rise in price from the $350 it’s at now to more like $430.

We’re not left with any update on when the OnePlus 2 might launch. We had earlier heard that the phone could arrive anytime up until the end of Q3 2015.

Source: Business Insider

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