You may have been sad to hear the OnePlus 2 reservation list was officially closed last week, with the Chinese manufacturer ramping up its efforts to line up production and demand, but if you can still get your hands on an invitation, we also have good news today.

Say good-bye to desperately refreshing your e-mail inbox, or asking everyone you know to lend some cash before it’s too late! Instead of expiring in just 24 hours, OnePlus 2 invites are now good for three full days.

That could still prove inconvenient for many, and it remains hard to explain why these things need an expiration date in the first place. Or why they can’t at least be used for, say, a week, two weeks, even a month after delivery.

But some improvement is better than no improvement, and 72 hours is definitely better than a day. Hopefully, you all have a friend who knows a friend whose brother purchased a “2016 flagship killer”, with a few OnePlus 2 passes to spare.

Of course, they don’t entitle you to any discount or special offer of sorts, so first of all, make sure you have or can procure $330 for the 16GB model or $390 for the 64GB-er in due time.

Source: Facebook

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