OnePlus 2 isn’t even available for order yet, and it’s already behind schedule

With certain smartphone companies, it sometimes seems like we spend nearly as much time talking about annoyances with their ordering processes as we do the phones themselves. On one hand, that might mean that the phones are desirable enough that shoppers take the time to seek them out even in the presence of obstacles; on the other hand, if things were really working as they should, we’d hardly be talking about the shopping experience in the first place. OnePlus is a company that’s learned to embrace its convoluted ordering process, and even though it’s attempted to improve things with the OnePlus 2, the invite system remains. Will those changes really make an impact? Well, while they might make it slightly easier to order a OnePlus 2, you may still run into trouble getting your order fulfilled, as OnePlus shares word of shipping delays.

Just as intended when the OnePlus 2 was first announced, sales of the phone open tomorrow for shoppers in the US, Canada, Europe, and India lucky enough to have scored an invite code. And while OnePlus will get some of those orders out in relative haste, the US and Canada are being hit by delays.

OnePlus 2 orders in North America won’t even start shipping out to customers until a good two or three weeks after we see the first shipments commence for Europe.

The manufacturer doesn’t go into much detail about the cause of this delay, other than blaming “production schedules.” And while the company insists that it’s sharing word of this delay in the interest of transparency, it doesn’t mention if this is a situation it only just learned about (mere hours before orders open), or if this revised timetable was apparent back when the phone launched late last month.

Does news of this delay affect your OnePlus 2 ordering decision any? Will you go ahead and order in spite of the wait, or are you starting to think about another affordable smartphone?

Source: OnePlus

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