Time to say goodbye to a large chunk of your free OneDrive storage (maybe)

Microsoft pulled a very uncool stunt on both Office 365 subscribers and users of its free OneDrive file hosting tier last fall, massively reducing previous cloud storage perks across the board, but in the face of public outrage, some of the controversial policy changes were temporarily reversed in December.

This January 31, your window of opportunity closed for good, and today, those that neglected to simply ask Redmond to retain their 15GB digital hoarding room on the house may begin to experience problems accessing their full OneDrive libraries.

No point complaining about it now, and don’t act shocked if the 15GB camera roll bonus is gone alongside two thirds of your “normal” allotted cloud space. You had plenty of time to respond to Microsoft’s prompts, and you were of course permitted to migrate the data to rival services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can still do that, in fact, and avoid losing important personal information, plus all the travel photos you haven’t had a chance to properly review yet. Even the actual 15 to 5GB downgrade might not happen right away, the next two weeks seeing the new limits gradually enforced around the web, your various mobile devices and desktops.

Source: Betanews

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