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One UI 4.1 on Samsung Galaxy S22: All new features

By Sanuj Bhatia February 14, 2022, 4:00 pm
one ui 4.1 samsung galaxy s22 Source: Samsung YouTube

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is finally out. The trio flagship from Samsung comes with new features such as an in-built S Pen in the S22 Ultra, new chipsets, design, and much more. In addition to adding these features, Samsung has added a number of features to the software of the Galaxy S22 as well. Here are all the new One UI 4.1 features that have debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series:

New One UI 4.1 Features on Samsung Galaxy S22

New Camera Experience

one ui 4.1 camera features 1 Source: Samsung

Samsung has added a lot of features to the cameras of the Galaxy S22 series. There are features like Nightography present on the smartphone that let you capture beautiful and detailed photos at night, AI Stereo Depth Map that creates a depth map of the subject and adds a perfect bokeh effect on the photo. In addition to these, Samsung has added a feature wherein a user can switch from photo to video to continuous video by tapping, holding and swiping to lock button like iPhone.

one ui 4.1 camera features 2 Source: Samsung

In One UI 4.1 on Galaxy S22, you can take advantage of the Pro mode on every lens. Moreover, Samsung has finally added the feature wherein apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and can take advantage of the in-built Samsung camera app.

Smart calendar

one ui 4.1 calendar features Source: Samsung

With increasing number of online meeting during the COVID-era, it's become hard to keep track of events. Samsung Calendar automatically detects meetings throughout the One UI 4.1 operating system and lets you quickly add them to the calendar.

RAM Plus, Smart Widgets, and More

One UI 4.0 allowed you to add a 'virtual' RAM to your phone. It allowed the phone to fire up and resume apps quickly by using the fast UFS storage of your device. In One UI 4.1, you can choose the storage size for the virtual RAM (2GB, 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB).

S22 One UI 4.1 RAM Plus Source: Android Police

Samsung has also added a newly designed color picker in One UI 4.1. Instead of showing circles for the colors for the theme, One UI 4.1 shows larger rectangular previews which make it easier to choose the color theme of the device. Samsung has also added Smart Widgets in One UI 4.1 which makes it possible to stack widgets on top of each other like iOS. You can add widgets like news, weather, music, and sports on top of each other.

Seamless experience with Windows devices

one ui 4.1 windows seamless experience Source: Samsung

Thanks to the integration with OneDrive, files can now be shared easily between Samsung Galaxy S22 and Windows devices. Like photos, videos, and documents sync in the Apple ecosystem with iCloud, the same happens on Samsung and Windows devices with OneDrive. Now you can start editing a video on your smartphone and continue editing it on your Windows device.

one ui 4.1 windows seamless experience Source: Samsung

On the Galaxy S22, you can access the recently used apps of your phone on our Windows device. It works with apps like Samsung Internet web browser, OneDrive, and Samsung notes. Samsung says users will be required to link their Samsung Galaxy S22 (and a bunch of other compatible devices) through the Your Phone App on their Windows device.

New features for tablets

one ui 4.1 multi window Source: Samsung

There are new features for the newly introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series as well. One UI 4.1 on Galaxy Tab S8 comes with a new multi-window split view feature that allows you to open apps side-by-side on the screen. There is also a dedicated keyboard shortcut for quickly accessing emojis.

Improved Samsung Wallet

one ui 4.1 samsung wallet Source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S22 also comes with a new upgraded Samsung Wallet app. Now you can store Student ID, credit/debit cards, driving license, and even rewards on your Samsung Wallet app on Galaxy S22. Samsung says all the data is protected by Samsung Knox.

Sleep coaching

one ui 4.1 sleep coaching Source: Samsung

Finally, there are new features for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as well. The Galaxy Watch 4 lets you analyze sleep patterns and can help you create better sleeping habits. It can also prescribe a four-week sleeping schedule that'll improve your sleep.

You can also check out all the new features in the official video posted by Samsung down below:


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