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One UI 4.0 could roll out to Galaxy S21 Series as soon as November or December

By Roland Udvarlaki October 27, 2021, 12:30 pm
Samsung One UI

The third One UI 4.0 beta was released to the Galaxy S21 Series just a week ago in South Korea. Samsung is no longer accepting any more beta testers into the program, which is a good sign, indicating that the tests went successfully and that the company is now fixing the last remaining bugs before it can prepare for the final and public release.

For those unaware, One UI 4.0 Beta 3 was based on the latest official Android 12 build, which meant that it came with the final version of firmware and APIs that the developers can take advantage of. According to a Samsung Community Manager, Samsung is no longer accepting Beta participants, and they “hope to see you in the full version” (via SamMobile), indicating that the company is now finalizing the software and preparing to roll it out potentially in November.

(Image Credit: SamMobile)

Initially, only the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series of devices were eligible for the program, but there are some signs that it may soon re-open for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable flagship devices in South Korea (via SamMobile). Other and older Galaxy S and Note series may follow shortly after, although we haven’t heard anything about those devices.

If the official One UI 4.0 does roll-out in November, it will most certainly only be available in South Korea at the beginning, and it will likely take weeks until it’ll start rolling out to other regions around the world. These updates usually take weeks and months to reach all devices, although Samsung has been quickly updating its latest flagship devices in recent years.

Earlier today, we mentioned that Samsung is also working on skinning and redesigning some of its Windows applications under the name One UI Book 4 that aims to bring over some changes to the Samsung Galaxy Notes, Gallery, and other applications.

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