You might be proud of your work on a product that isn’t public yet, but you might want to take the situation into account and maybe not publicly post about it on your LinkedIn profile.

Roland Quandt of WinFuture was able to pick up on a profile for a Senior Staff Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm. Apparently, this person is a Premium Tier Chipset Commercialization Lead and is tasked (or soon may be tasked) with pushing out the Snapdragon 845 with its modem, which is suggested to be the X20 modem.

If you took a few seconds to look up Qualcomm’s product lineup, you’d figure it was fairly obvious that the Snapdragon 845 would get the Snapdragon X20 — the LTE modem has yet to appear on any of the company’s chipsets. It’s supposed to grab downlink speeds of 1.2Gbps, a 20 percent improvement on the X16 modem that’s on Snapdragon 835 SoCs out right now.

Qualcomm did announce the Snapdragon X50 5G modem recently, which is to support millimeter wave spectrum and get 5Gbps downlink, but the product is not publicly finalized yet.

All said and done, we’re not chalking anything up as final anyways. We’ve got a ways to go.

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