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OnePlus co-founder ‘seriously’ applies for an internship at Samsung

By Adrian Diaconescu October 1, 2015, 6:31 am

After promising to make amends for the botched launch of the OnePlus 2 with a looming full hour of open sales, no invites needed, a “senior” Chinese startup executive takes his enthusiasm and willingness to learn how to improve future availability of “flagship killers” a step further.

Carl Pei was a OnePlus founding father alongside CEO Pete Lau, and also serves as the rapidly rising company’s Head of Global. In the past, he occupied a marketing position at Nokia, handled international marketing for Meizu, then assumed the role of Oppo’s Director of New Markets.

It’s safe to speculate if he ever wanted to abandon the ship he helped erect, or perhaps pause his OnePlus work, he could get a high-paying job at a number of tier 1 tech corporations. But Pei isn’t seeking an easy paycheck.


Instead, he just put his name forward for a presumably unpaid Samsung internship. Why? Because it’d apparently be a privilege to examine from the inside the well-oiled machine running for 77 years now, and comfortably ruling the smartphone world while playing a pivotal role in a slew of other industry branches.

Pei takes the time to emphasize Samsung has had “a few less than stellar quarters” of late (burn!), and reminds the public there’s been “a lot of talk about how the new guys are coming in to disrupt the giants.”

That may not be the strongest part of the “job application”, though later on, the OnePlus co-founder sings his praises for the way Samsung’s executive team “scales, runs, and manages the business so successfully.”

If the Galaxy architects were to take on Pei and teach him how to emulate those things, he’d “be happy to share what we’ve learned about how to engage with our community.” Furthermore, he’d let one of the rivals’ head honchos become a OnePlus intern as well in a swap move of sorts. Do you think Samsung could ever go for something like that?

Source: Carl Pei


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