One Pixel 2 XL unit came without proper Android ROM

In today’s Pixel 2 XL sideshow, one Redditor has posted that they finally got a unit. But when they got to booting up the Google phone that’s supposed to have that Google OS, there was no operating system.

Beyond the original post, /u/MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD informed the thread that they have an exchange on the way with expedited shipping covered, though given some delays in getting the original device delivered, they don’t expect much on speed. They also got $25 in Google Store credit.

When commenters plunged in with suggestions on how to shove ROMs from Ubuntu Touch to whateverOS, they replied:

I’m a noob but I was able to get into the bootloader. Can’t get into recovery mode or anything remotely helpful. I think it’s a lost cause.

A snide comment or two about having no bloatware was also sprinkled in — of course, /r/Android fans kid.

It’s just another issue in a series of follies for quality assurance on the Pixel 2 XL. More people are just angry that the OLED display is getting burned in at a neck-breaking rate.

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