HTC One max vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra (Video)

“You will always be a child of two worlds. The question you face is: which path will you choose?”

That’s Sarek’s paternal advice to Spock in an introductory scene from the 2009 Star Trek film, but with a little bleary-headed Thursday-morning thinking, we can apply it to our current situation. Namely, our position on the space-time continuum staring down another holiday season, with retail shelves packed with oversized smartphones that all too easily blur into a featureless haze of giant rectangles. For a first-time phablet shopper, figuring out where to start can be pretty daunting.

Fortunately, like Spock’s situation, your starting point is a simple choice between two alternatives: are you shopping for a phablet because you’re looking for an oversized smartphone, or because you’re in need of a slimmed-down tablet? Answering that question will go a long way toward categorizing your available options – and at the end of each road lies one of the devices featured in today’s comparison.

So let’s put them head-to-head and find out what happens when an “embiggened” HTC One meets a minimized Xperia Tablet Z. Of course we’ve already reviewed both devices here at Pocketnow, but sometimes there’s no substitute for putting two of the world’s largest smartphones head to head in the same video to see what happens. So tune in for One max vs Z Ultra, and then leave a comment below telling us which futuristic slab might find a home on the bridge of your starship this holiday!

Wondering how the One max and Z Ultra fare against other giant phones? Check out our One max vs Galaxy Note 3 video, then hop over to our Z Ultra collection for all stories and videos related to “the phone that doesn’t know it’s a tablet.”

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