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One madlad drilled a keychain hole through an AirTag without ruining it

By Nadeem Sarwar April 30, 2021, 12:55 pm
airtag drilled hole macrumor smythey

So, let’s talk about the Apple AirTag. More specifically, their design. A few of my colleagues think it looks cute. I, on the other hand, can’t get over the fact that they lack a keychain hole. If you have used an object tracker before, you know how important a keychain hole is. It is what you use to attach it to an object in the first place. Essentially, it is fundamental to their whole purpose. Yet, Apple appears to have had different ideas, and instead wants accessories – which cost more money – to do the job of hanging it with your bunch of keys, laptop bag, or pet’s collar. How about drilling one yourself?


One madlad with the username Smythey shared (via Macrumors) some photos of an AirTag with a keychain hole at the top. No, it’s not a custom variant for VIPs with a lot of money. The DIY enthusiast apparently drilled the hole very close to the periphery and it didn’t ruin the object tracker. His word of advice for those who want to the same with their shiny new AirTag –“Maybe go a bit closer to the edge than I did. Seems to work fine though.”

airtag drilled hole macrumor smythey body
Credit: Macrumors Forum / Smythey

WARNING: Before you start arming your tools and DIY drilling machine to make a keychain hole in your AirTag, do keep in mind that doing so would invalidate the warranty. But then, you already knew that.

As per an AirTag teardown video shared on YouTube, there is some gap between the main logic board and the periphery that is made out of white polycarbonate material. And to make a keychain hole, you need to make sure that the drilling pin is not too thick, else it would fry the circuits and render the object tracker useless.

However, our advice is that you keep those DIY tools in their box and spend a few bucks on the accessories. No, I am not talking about the pricey first-party Apple AirTag Loop or Keyring, or the outrageously priced Hermes accessories that can cost as much as $449 – almost 15x the price of an AirTag. Instead, you can head over to Amazon and purchase some of the cheaper accessories, some of which are listed below:

LIEIKIC PU Leather Protective Case for AirTags

LIEIKIC PU Leather Protective Case

Yes, it looks like the Hermes leather accessory that costs $350, but the LIEIKIC copycat can be yours for just $12.99. Made of PU leather, it doesn't look half bad either and comes in a choice of four colors.

Dalinba 4-pack AirTag Silicone Case

Dalinba 4-pack AirTag Case

The Dalinba 4-pack AirTag Silicone Case is one of the cheapest options out there. But hey, the whole point here is to not cough up a lot of money on the object tracker and still get the job done on a budget.

alueeu TPU Case for airtags

alueeu TPU Case for airtags

Made out of premium TPU material, the Alueeu AirTag has a very minimalist, but you can pick a funky color if you want. It is claimed to be scratch-resistant with a soft-touch finish and costs just six bucks.


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