Huawei’s Honor 5X emerged a few months back as a serious contender in the low-cost, solid-performance mid-range market. Sure, it wouldn’t set any benchmark records, but the combination of an attractive price, really high-quality-feeling build, and some very capable battery life added up to a package that – for shoppers placing a real premium not just on price, but on value – was hard to resist. All this was true when the Honor 5X was selling for $200, but for a few more hours today you’ve got the chance to score the phone for might-as-well-be-free, as Huawei sells a limited number of Honor 5X handsets for just a buck a piece.

One dollar for a brand-new smartphone is a heck of deal – so good, in fact, that you had better believe there’s one big asterisk next to it:

Huawei’s only letting one Honor 5X an hour go at that price.

Through 10:08pm Central time tonight, one lucky Honor 5X shopper every hour will be able to purchase the smartphone at that insanely discounted rate. The savings kick in at eight minutes after the hour, and for a brief moment the one-dollar Honor 5X listing will go active; right now it displays as “out of stock.”

We imagine there are thousands of smartphone fans out there mashing F5 on their keyboards as X:08 rolls around on their clocks, but very few will ultimately have the chance to take advantage of this deal; will you be among them? The odds may not be stacked in your favor, but you’ve got as good a chance as anyone else. If you could use a new smartphone but find yourself seriously cash-strapped at the moment, give it a shot.

Source: Huawei
Via: PhoneArena

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