If you side with the Chinese Communist Party’s “One China” stance or prefer to recognize Taiwan as a country of its own right, there’s no question that doing business in the “renegade province” can be starkly different on either side of the strait.

Formosa fans of the Chinese brand OPPO are learning that the hard way as word from Weibo claims that the recently-released R11 will debut on Taiwan’s big three networks this week for an average price of NT$15,990 (US$527) or just about ¥3,600 in China — where the phone starts at ¥2,999 ($440).

One commenter on C-Tech’s post noted that one of Taiwan’s own, HTC, is selling the base model U11 for NT$19,900, only about $132 more. And since we’re getting into premium territory, you might qualify that word “only,” but it’s something to consider for what’s conventionally thought of as a multi-year investment.

To be fair, carriers in Taiwan will peg device subsidies to which plan a customer opts for and adjust upfront and monthly payments thusly, so it may be that the NT$15,990 figure may never reach consumers’ eyes.

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