Apple has sold one billion iOS devices

Without doubt, Apple had one heck of a first quarter this year, having just posted the largest profit ever for any company. But that wasn’t the only massive number milestone Apple has hit recently: Tim Cook, the company’s chief executive, has revealed on the first quarter earnings call that Apple has sold one billion iOS devices as of November of last year.

The lucky purchase was made in late November, and the handset that made the cut was a space grey 64GB iPhone 6 Plus (no word on which carrier it was). Cook said that the device is “saved here at Apple,” which is slightly confusing, considering he had said seconds before that it was the one billionth “shipped” iOS device. We’re hoping that the customer who purchased the phone ended up actually receiving it.

With over 74 million iPhones sold in the quarter, it’s no surprise that Apple has been able to hit this one billion device milestone. The company is as strong as ever, moving forward with plenty of momentum, so it shouldn’t be long before we’re all back here again celebrating the next big milestone.

Source: Apple

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