A few hours ago, we saw Google deliver its first significant update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow since the release’s debut earlier this fall. Following a tease last week that support for new emoji was on its way, Google delivered Android 6.0.1 for all Nexus devices already on Marshmallow. Hitting all its hardware in one fell swoop like that was a nice feat from Google, and in the hours since factory updates went live we’ve been hearing about more and more new features: beyond the emoji support, there’s a tweaked UI for tablets, improved do-not-disturb-options, and camera quick-launch functionality arriving for older devices. Good stuff all around, sure, but when could we hope to see this 6.0.1 update land for hardware other than models in the Nexus lineup? HTC is already speaking out about its own update timetable, and its goal for speedy One A9 updates looks like it will proceed exactly as planned.

Shortly after first announcing the One A9 back in October, HTC dropped a bombshell: not only was the smartphone arriving as an early non-Nexus Marshmallow handset, but it would continue to deliver a Nexus-like software experience, getting its Android system updates just days behind Nexus models: fifteen days or less, per official word.

With Android 6.0.1 out now, the clock’s ticking, and early reports from HTC suggest the company isn’t about to break its word; today on Twitter, HTC VP Mo Versi confirmed that the target release date for the One A9’s 6.0.1 update is sometime later this month.

Technically, we suppose that HTC could still get the update out before the end of the month while also being a little past that fifteen-day promise, but until we hear otherwise, we’re staying optimistic.

In the same breath, Versi confirms news we first heard last week, that the unlocked One M9 is set to get its own Marshmallow update (though likely the earlier 6.0, from the sound of it) before the year’s out.

Source: Mo Versi (Twitter)

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