Omate TrueSmart+ has full Android 5.1 on a smartwatch

It takes a rare breed of wearable to feature a full-blown mobile platform. Take the Neptune Pine as a prime example. We’re coming up on two years since the Android 4.1 (not Android Wear 4.1) smartwatch took flight with a bold concept of what you could do without having to dig into your pockets. Well, if you visit Neptune’s site today, you won’t be able to buy a Pine from them. But the idea did spark a competitor’s coals to come up with a couple of standalone revivals.

China-based Omate has come out with the the TrueSmart-i, a chunky little thing, coming in at 14.2mm thick. It’s running Android 4.4 on a dual-core MediaTek processor, working with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of non-expandable storage. The capacitive TFT screen measures 1.54 inches across and holds a 240p square display. The TrueSmart-i has WCDMA, GSM, HSPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, GPS and Bluetooth antennas, a single speaker and — like the Pine — there’s also a five-megapixel camera. All of this is powered by a 600mAh battery.

If that doesn’t whet your tastes, then the TrueSmart+ might. The details go unchanged except that the camera’s traded away for a more pixel-dense screen (320p square at 1.54 inches) and a software upgrade to Android 5.1.

Despite the full platform jump, we’re looking at a more closed off, proprietary app store to support the very specific requirements of devices like these. That said, many popular apps like Apex Launcher, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Minuum and Spotify are purported to be in the Ostore.

Pre-orders are up until October for the TrueSmart-i and November for the TrueSmart+.

Source: Omate
Via: Android Central

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