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After years of making lens attachments just for iPhone cameras, olloclip recently introduced its Connect X portfolio of lenses for the rest of the mobile universe. It’s now bringing on two new series of lenses for amateurs and pros alike.

The olloclip Pro Series brings a “Super Wide lens” with minimal distortion and a telephoto lens that’s brighter than most other options in the market. Meanwhile, the Intro Series lenses are actually two in one: a macro lens for close-up subjects and a screw-on wide angle lens. All lenses can be attached to clips for the iPhone X and newer iOS deices as well as the Multi-Device Clip for all other phones and even tablets — we don’t recommend taking pictures with tablets on a general basis, though.

The Pro Series is available from olloclip now and is priced at $119.95 — each lens separately is $99.95. The Intro lens will come later into the holiday season for $19.99. Bundled with any compatible clip, it costs $39.95.

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