Almost 60 percent of OLED production in 2018 was toward smartphones

Have you been noticing OLED displays coming into more and more products lately? It’s not just televisions, it’s smartwatches, head-mounted displays in cars and laptops, too. Don’t forget about smartphones. All the smartphones. Even the budget smartphones.

Researchers from IDTechEx estimate that the OLED production business generated revenue of $25.5 billion in 2018 — about 81 percent of that revenue went to smartphone displays.

The biggest reason why the industry has been so lopsided is because of how big (or small) these panels are: TVs accounted for about 40 percent of total OLED acreage last year, but because costs go up with diode densification, it’s not exactly a surprise to see smartphones take up most of the other 60 percent or about 3.6 million square meters.

Even with depressed holiday sales, Apple has been ordering more OLED displays for two of its newest iPhone models. That has meant a production boost in the order of the tens of millions.

It’s expected that the overal OLED market will grow to $30.3 billion this year. By next year, acreage will meet or surpass the 10 million square meter mark and perhaps above 50 million square meters by 2029.

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