Applied Materials doesn’t often come up in our discussion of who makes what in a typical iPhone, especially when next year’s iPhones come to mind. But while we can talk about Catcher Technology’s confidence despite an all-glass iPhone in 2017, let’s talk about another favorite iPhone 7s/iPhone 8 aspect, the OLED screen.

Samsung and LG are among the several manufacturers getting some display work with many, many others saying they also are. But many of their factories need new machines that don’t make LCD panels like they have for so long.

That’s where Applied Materials comes in — it is the largest maker of the machines that help other manufacturers make OLED screens. It reported that equipment orders had jumped 37 percent annually with a 400 percent increase in OLED-producing equipment. The company’s now looking to a “record” third quarter. CEO Gary Dickerson said that the build up to next year’s iPhones will provide “sustainable growth” and that “we all know who is the leader in terms of mobile products.”

It can take as long as nine months to get from the purchase to the final installation of these hulking machines, so there’s a whole lot that needs to come into place right now in order to make sure that yields can satisfy the demand.

And if we’re betting on tens of millions of orders from Apple, those machines better be working fast and soon.

Source: Bloomberg, Applied Materials
Via: BGR

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