Google planning massive voice control expansion with “Ok Google Everywhere?”

So far this spring, rumors and leaks have been revealing Google’s efforts to put a new face on Android, detailing sweeping UI changes that point towards an even flatter, minimalistic look. There’s also been that confusing talk about Project Hera, and what could be a major shift in Android multitasking. While we haven’t been sure how it all fits together, the sense that big changes are on their way has been palpable. We close out the week with another rumor about Google’s efforts to revamp Android, with the tale of Ok Google Everywhere and a new navigation experience.

Android Police has seen evidence suggesting that Google wants to make its “Ok Google” voice command a pervasive part of the Android experience, and rather than being constrained to the home screen or Search app, voice control would extend to a wide variety of individual apps – hence, the “Everywhere.” Since this would all be new for even users familiar with current voice commands, the service might start prompting the user with a summary of what phrases to speak to perform specific actions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Google may also be looking to change-up the navigation buttons we’re currently familiar with, with the biggest shift being replacing the home button with a Google button – one that would act as a persistent shortcut to search. To get back home, you’d instead have to hit the recent apps button (which itself would get a makeover, likely tied to that Project Hera business), and perform a swipe gesture.

Like with Hera, the details are far from clear. Talk of a modular command system that could let voice prompts mature into something capable of performing complex tasks is fascinating, but so much is unknown at the moment that it’s hard to get a complete sense of Google’s plans. I/O’s just a couple months away, though, and we’ve got a feeling that answers could be in store for us there.

Source: Android Police

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