If you’re not young nor a well-to-do hipster nor very eager to delve into your personal feelings, cute animal photos, thought experiment escalations to the nth degree and GIFs of attractive men taking showers while being captioned saying something they’re not actually saying … you’re probably not on Tumblr.

That said, for the few who fall in the Venn Diagram between “those on Tumblr” and “those on Windows Phone,” the news that Tumblr has withdrawn its Window Phone app from the Windows Store is not good. One of the social media platform’s support team members responded to Sabri Yuga enquiry on Windows Phone updates.

Third-party apps as well as the mobile site are still available for users to peruse. Hopefully we don’t see a Snapchat-Rudy Huyn-Microsoft fight for blood situation develop here.

Via: MSPoweruser

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