Official SharePoint App Goes Live And Social For Windows Phone

We all know that one of the biggest corporate features Microsoft has to offer in the desktop world is SharePoint, where work groups are able to collaborate with each other in documents, files, etc. Now Microsoft has turned the service into another mobile feature that provides an additional edge to Windows Phones. It works on any Windows Phone running version 7.5 or higher, and allows you to do a lot of the things you’re already accustomed to working with on the desktop.

This feature isn’t new to Windows Phone though. In the past you always had some access to SharePoint servers using the Office Hub. The difference with this app is that it allows you to handle all the social features of SharePoint as well as handling documents like you could before. The only sad part about this service is that, well it’s hard for us mere mortals to have it for personal uses. In most cases this has to be allowed and activated at the company we work for, and that takes you back to a couple of rounds with the folks at IT. If you’re among the lucky few that will get around this, the features included are:

  • Create new status posts
  • Add comments to ongoing discussions
  • Read and “like” your colleagues’ posts
  • @mention a colleague directly
  • Use #hashtags
  • Upload pictures
  • Discover people profiles
  • Work with followed documents

Still, there’s no denying that it’s better to have the feature available then to not have it at all. Make sure you download it today for free, and enjoy.

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