Official iOS-ported Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile is nigh, video preview suggests

While Microsoft’s Project Astoria experiment seems to have failed miserably, reaching its inevitable downfall before it could get off the ground and deliver satisfactory Windows 10 ports of Android apps, the iOS-based Islandwood equivalent looks to be thriving.

Not just on paper, as soon enough, Lumia users may have an Instagram version to call their own thanks to this easy-porting tool. If you’re on Windows Phone 8.1, you can always access a native Instagram client, but that’s technically stuck in beta status for several years now, and it’s literally got one lousy update since its inception.

Even so, the Instagram BETA app for WP8.1 has a 4.2-star average from close to 1,600 Store reviews, as people badly want to love it. If everything goes smoothly, the popular mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service will get the Windows 10 love it deserves in no time, a functional, surprisingly stable build being demonstrated in the video clip embedded below.

The hands-on tour of the purported closed beta is in Italian, so many of you might not understand exactly what’s happening. To the right, you have the unfinished Islandwood-ported W10M app, while to the left, you can check out the public Windows Phone beta that’s been a temporary comfort for the platform’s Instagram users.

The two look and behave differently in more ways than one, but they’re also the same at their core, aiming to close the popularity gap between the world’s third best mobile OS and its two unbeatable rivals. Will they pull it off? Not on their own, but they could start a movement.

Update: The app’s now available. And we’ve got a hands-on:

Source: WindowsBlogItalia
Via: Windows Central

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