The wait is finally over for mobile software tinkerers who like to always be one step ahead of the masses, and don’t mind probing experimental CyanogenMod builds generally updated every 24 hours or so to continuously improve system stability and iron out inherent kinks.

Google barely released official Android 6.0 Marshmallow source code last month, and already, the largest independent dev community has moved from CM 12.1 to version 13. Of course, the 5.1 Lollipop-based 12.1 iteration will keep getting enhanced and smoothened, with both nightlies and snapshots worked on as we speak.

CyanogenMod 13 has a long way to go until reaching the stable “snapshot” channel, so before installing its first nightly build, remember the risks. Also keep in mind it’s wise to factory reset any device you’ve tried third-party CM 13 on, and bring add-ons like Xposed or Gapps to date immediately after switching from nightly 12.1 to the M-tweaked 13 using a “dirty flash” method, aka simply updating “like any sane person.”

And now, for the list you’ve all been waiting for. This doesn’t contain a single Samsung phone, HTC or Sony, but instead no less than 3 LG gizmos, a Nexus, Moto, Galaxy Tab, and OnePlus. You can therefore download a hazardous and sweet CyanogenMod 13 nightly build for the original OnePlus One, Wi-Fi and 4G-enabled Nexus 7 2013, this year’s leather-clad LG G4, the 2014 G3 for Verizon, the entry-level G Pad 7.0, ancient GTab Pro 8.4, and second-gen Motorola Moto X, with many more to come in the next few weeks.

Sources: CyanogenMod Blog, Download site

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