Official Oreo updates for Galaxy S8 and S8+ are here, and they’re only a few months late

You’ve waited and waited and waited for your Samsung flagship phone from just last spring to officially receive a software update many older and/or humbler devices made by other companies have been enjoying for a while now.

Finally, the Android 8.0 Oreo rollout is reportedly underway today for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, although depending on the country you live in and the carrier you subscribe to, the waiting may go on an additional few days, weeks or even months.

For the time being, SamMobile has only been able to confirm the availability of a manual download for beta testers in Germany, but obviously, those who helped the industry-leading chaebol shape up this major OS promotion across other markets can expect the same treatment over the next few hours.

Apparently, you need less than 500MB of free internal storage space to apply the stable update if you participated in the beta program, but once it starts spreading to the masses, the Android 8.0 + Samsung Experience 9.0 goodie pack will definitely weigh in north of 1GB.

That’s because you’re looking at an incredibly long list of feature add-ons, security tweaks, performance enhancements and UX improvements, which is also why you should cut Samsung some slack for taking an eternity to smooth all this out.

Hopefully, everything will be nice and smooth, from “Experience 9.0” upgrades to keyboard convenience, Bixby assistance, messaging multitasking, email productivity and DeX support to core Oreo treats like background limits, smart text selection, Picture-in-Picture functionality, and a fully redesigned emoji set.

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