Office Mobile 2010 Coming in June, er.. Right Now!


It turns out, Office Mobile 2010 had been released a couple hours after we posted this. Get it now for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace!

At the Microsoft Business launch in NYC, Microsoft announced that Office Mobile 2010 is available via Windows Phone Marketplace as a free download for all Windows Mobile 6.5 phones with a previous version of Office Mobile.

For more info, see Augusto Valdez’s blog post.

Unfortunately we don’t see any Windows Live syncing of OneNote notebooks though.


Forbes was able to get some time with Paco Contreras, a business manager in Microsoft’s Office Product Management Group, to talk about Office Mobile 2010 which is set to be released for Windows Mobile 6.5 in June. While we’ve already had plenty of time to play with the beta of Office Mobile 2010, one thing missing from the beta was OneNote.

“For Office 2010, we made OneNote available almost everywhere,” says Contreras. “We think people will be taking a lot of notes on mobile devices.”

If you’ve read about OneNote 2010, one of the extremely cool new features is its ability to sync with Windows Live Skydrive. That means all of your OneNote installations will be able to access the same notes via your Windows Live ID. It sounds like that feature is coming to OneNote Mobile 2010 even on Windows Mobile 6.5 and that’s sure to be extremely useful. Do you use OneNote? Will you when it becomes super easy to sync you’re notebooks across all of your computers?

Another cool feature we learn about is:

Content hosted by Microsoft’s SharePoint content management system will be accessible via a new tool called SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010. Since wireless connections outside homes and offices can be finicky, Office Mobile 2010 includes the ability to save documents to the phone for offline editing and synchronize them back to servers later.

Of course, Office Mobile 2010 has to have great SharePoint integration as well.

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