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Office Lens is now Microsoft Lens, gets a ton of useful new tricks

By Nadeem Sarwar February 2, 2021, 3:59 am
Microsoft Lens

Microsoft has today announced that it is renaming the acclaimed document-scanning and enhancement app – Office Lens – to Microsoft Lens. Aside from a new name, there is now a fresh logo to boot as well. But more importantly, the re-christening brings a host of new features such as intelligent camera actions for turning an image to text, converting data in tables, gleaming the contact information from a business card, and QR code scanning among others.

Microsoft Lens app lets you extract text from an image.

As the name clearly suggests, the Camera to Text tool will allow users to point their camera at a handwritten or printed text on a surface, and the Microsoft Lens app will identify and extract it. And in case there is a table printed or sketched on a surface, the app will identify that as well and will copy it in tabular form. Microsoft says the Lens app can recognize and extract 30 languages in printed form, but support for handwritten notes is limited to English language only. 

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You can also copy tables by just pointing your camera at it.

There is also a reader function, which as the name makes it abundantly clear, can be used to read the text in an image using the Immersive Reader tool. Plus, if you point the camera at a business card, it will automatically scan and copy the contact information to save it on your phone. 

The app lets you scan a business card and automatically save contact details.

The document scan feature in the Microsoft Lens app has also been upgraded, as it now allows users to re-arrange the order of pages, perform multiple edits on scanned PDFs, and add filters to images in a document. Additionally, users are able to scan up to 100 sheets and save them as images or text, and jump between local and cloud storage for saving files, complete with an easy way to distinguish between local and cloud-saved files. 

You can check out more details about Microsoft Lens’ new features here. The updated version of Microsoft Lens with all its new features will first make its way to Android, followed by iOS in the upcoming months. 


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