I’ll be honest, the song tries too hard to imitate K-pop by using tropes that would better fit different voices. I mean, give me either EXID or Perfume any given day, but don’t fault the six-member act lyrical school for trying.

Especially don’t hate on the A Million Miles video production: it’s a fantastic concept that doesn’t necessarily “hack” or “take over” your phone so much as exploit all of iOS’s features for your visual pleasure.

The group’s new song, “RUN and RUN,” runs through a fast 3:48 inside an iPhone 6s and emulates every bit of the interface to deliver lyrics and dancing through iMessage, FaceTime, Twitter, Instagram and other apps. An all-powerful finger even gets in a 3D Touch to trigger a Live Photo.

The visual effects may be stunning and the music might be a bit mediocre, but maybe we should re-take the old debate that the fine YouTube puppeteers of Glove and Boots had definitively finished a couple of years ago: the creation and release of vertical video.

Wow, have we changed our understanding of how we use our phones in a short four years … can you tell we’re in a different age now? Where integration of video into vertically-scrolling social media feeds actually do make sense? Where that kind of video interaction actually gets monetized these days?

Maybe it’s time for us to reconsider those 90 degrees. Now excuse me, I’m off to trance with a little Capsule.

Via: The Verge

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