This makes so much sense. Also, I’ll admit that I’m biased.

If you’re not familiar with the iOS and Android game Monument Valley, go take a few spins on that and come back to this story when you’re done. You can probably see why someone would envision a Lego set to celebrate the aesthetics of this Escherific™ adventure.

Thing is, since some of the design elements will need some custom-produced Lego manufacturing (including some neat-o stickers) to successfully pull off a great tribute to Monument Valley, it’ll need to be made by the company itself.

So, someone decided to give a little petitioning a try. Included with the Lego Ideas submission from user “Isometry” are a few concept designs that already look pretty darn good — good enough for over 1,500 supporters to back the project as of this post. Thing is, it’ll have to garner support from 5,000 people by July 21, 2017 and 10,000 at some point to get full consideration from the Swedish building blocks manufacturer to be made into an official, sales-ready Lego set. Furthermore, some licensing negotiations would need to happen with Monument Valley’s developer, ustwo. But hey, it all starts with some boys and girls clicking on the “Support” button.

Actually, I don’t think Escherific is trademarked.

Source: Lego
Via: Android Central

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