Off-beat: Caviar Nokia 3310, the Putin-Trump Summit edition

Pocketnow is not a mission-bound political site, though the politics around mobile technology bind themselves tighter and tighter day by day, it seems. Keep in mind that the companies we talk about on a daily basis on this site have deeply-vested interests in net neutrality, manufacturing and climate change.

US President Donald Trump has a tech advisory board comprising of top Silicon Valley CEOs that have been taken aback by his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party has been attempting to keep more money in its borders — though it hasn’t stopped at least one company from engaging in hostile behavior in managing its stake in a Russian smartphone startup and attempting to edge off a government-backed corporation for control.

So, it’s without any further prologue that we talk just a bit about Russia-based Caviar’s skinned “collector’s model” of the Nokia 3310 celebrating the summit between Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin during the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany — a meeting that was supposed to last 30 minutes but went on for over 2 hours.

The two leaders are embossed in profile facing to the left with two layers of .999 gold plating. Other accents have also been crafted in that plating. The G-20 logo is engraved in the control button while the body is itself made of tempered titanium that’s patterned in the distinct grain of “Damascus steel”. Yes, the Damascus in the disparate country of Syria. Pre-orders are on for 149,000₽ or the equivalent of $2,468.

Here is the direct Google translation of the last paragraph of the product description:

This phone will be a memorable gift for anyone who is not indifferent to contemporary history and politics, because as you know – if you do not engage in politics – politics will you.

Yakov Smirnoff would be proud. We should note that Caviar brand originated from Italy, but has been running a so-called “Russian Collection” since 2014 with the likeness of Putin emblazoned upon special iPhones. The company came under Russian control in 2015.

We wonder how Nokia, HMD Global and Foxconn would feel about this, but at this point, it’s safe to say that the political borders have already been tread across.

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