Like last year, we’re getting three big iPhones this year — ask people in the know (and people who think they’re in the know, hi!) and they’ll tell you this basic presumption. One of them will be a mass-appeal device that will be priced moderately and will represent a fairly nice upgrade from the traditional iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. The other two? They’re going to be expensive.

The affordable LCD iPhone, which will look like an iPhone X, is believed to rack up around 100 million sales over the course of a year. The two pricier iPhones, which feature cost-consuming OLED displays as the iPhone X, are expected to share in up to 70 million sales.

According to sources to The Bell out of South Korea, it seems that OLED panel vendor Samsung Display has received forecast data from Apple indicating that 45 million units will be of the 6.46-inch size while the rest will go to the 5.85-inch model. The smaller size is expected to price from around $1,000 while the larger one will begin from a higher point — unit costs for the larger panel are expected to eclipse the smaller one by at least 50 percent and as much as 80 percent.

Meanwhile, the paper reiterates prior rumors of a delay in the 6.05-inch LCD iPhone’s release schedule to November as vendor Japan Display attempts to work out how to increase yields for its panels. The difficult shape mirroring the iPhone X’s design — extra tall with rounded corners and a notch —is believed to be the main stumbling block.

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