With a name like Oculus, which literally means eye or power of sight in Latin, the Palmer Luckey-founded American technology company that Facebook acquired for a whopping $2 billion a couple of years ago should really be doing a better job monitoring what Rift users are focusing on at all times.

Oh, well, at least we can reasonably expect future generations of the pioneering VR headset to vastly improve their eye tracking capabilities now that Oculus has officially invested in a specialized startup.

No words on exactly how much Denmark-based The Eye Tribe sold for, or how many of the software firm’s 16 employees will be moving to the new parent outfit’s Menlo Park headquarters to continue their years of hard work.

But it’s no big secret that Oculus, or rather Facebook, as well as Google and, presumably, HTC, Samsung and Sony too, are all envisioning a virtual reality future free of wires and PC or smartphone reliance, with various sensors and pre-loaded apps following the user’s every head and eye movement.

The Eye Tribe could definitely help in that latter department, enabling eye control for consumer devices aimed at simplifying and enhancing user experiences. Basically, if the newly formed alliance gets its way, you’ll soon be able to focus with your VR gadget and blink to hands-free command various virtual adventures.

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