Virtual reality gets cheap(er), as Oculus Rift + Touch combo price drops from $598 to $399

It’s not enough to pioneer a market so brimming with world-changing potential as virtual reality to ensure long-term domination, steady profits and continuously rising sales. Not when Oculus released the first consumer edition of the 2012-crowdfunded Rift headset barely a week before the well-reviewed HTC Vive and around six months in advance of the lower-cost PlayStation VR.

But now Facebook’s subsidiary trudges on Sony’s affordable territory, at least for a little while, significantly undercutting its other arch-rival.

After permanently dropping from a bundle price of $798 to $598 back in March, the Oculus Rift + Touch combo goes for an even crazier $399 total for the next six weeks. Once the promotional period ends, the immersive system will go up to $598 again, which is still two full Benjamins less than the Vive’s MSRP that HTC refuses to reduce by any noteworthy value.

Meanwhile, we have to point out the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift are currently deadlocked at roughly $400, with the former however still supporting a cheaper PlayStation 4 console than the gaming Windows PCs needed to power the latter.

Oddly enough, Oculus and a number of third-party retailers continue to charge the full $500 and $100 respectively for the Rift and Touch when purchased separately. Don’t even think of doing that, of course, and keep in mind that you’re looking at a pair of touch controllers, two sensors, a remote and Xbox One wireless controller in addition to the actual headset, all for the grand total of $399.

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