There’s still time to bring the Oculus Rift home for the holidays at a discounted price

With only seven days to go until Christmas, last-minute bargain hunters and gift givers need to be exceptionally careful of volatile shipping times, tight inventory and rampant demand for certain items.

Virtual reality hardware has slowly become affordable enough over the past few months to top plenty of holiday shopping lists, but if you perhaps missed those killer recent deals on the standard Oculus Rift bundle, a special HTC Vive package and an assortment of WMR headsets, today might be your last chance to save a few bucks while securing yourselves a merry immersive Xmas.

Once again, you can get the Oculus Rift alongside a pair of Touch controllers and sensors at a decent discount for a limited time, both from the manufacturer’s official US e-store and authorized retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Newegg.

This time, the promotion has a very firm end date, namely December 20, at 11:59 pm PT, and the marked-down price isn’t as low as last month. But $379 is still extremely hard to resist for early VR enthusiasts, especially if you remember the days the Rift used to fetch $600 with no Touch controllers bundled in.

These days, the list price is $399, so technically, you’re only looking at 20 bucks in savings here. Then again, you had to pay $499 just a few months ago, so any dollar counts when you’re getting so much value for it. Keep in mind that there are also seven VR apps included in the package free of charge, as well as many other games and “experiences” available on the cheap in the Oculus Store through January 2.

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