Expired certificate bricked Oculus Rift headsets worldwide, but all’s fixed now

While the world continues to wait for that “all-in-one” Oculus Go VR headset to start shipping sometime in “early 2018”, users of the PC-dependent Rift must have been shell-shocked to see their OG virtual reality hardware suddenly stop working yesterday.

The software issue was ironed out in under 24 hours, but the embarrassment is likely to linger, as an expired security certificate apparently caused the unreachable Oculus Runtime Service error.

For his part, company co-founder Nate Mitchell offered no explanation on Twitter for the “mistake on our end”, focusing on apologizing, and promising store credit for “folks impacted” by recent downtime.

There’s reason to believe that includes each and every Oculus Rift owner around the world, with compensation revealed in customer e-mails to be worth $15 in discounted VR experiences.

For those whose Rift “may fail to start up”, a support document linked below details the steps you need to follow to get everything back in working condition. Basically, all you have to do is download a little patch, open it, select repair, launch the Oculus app once the process is finalized, and complete the update you’ll then be asked to perform.

If the bug made you uninstall the Oculus app from your computer, it’s even easier to fix the VR headset’s software. Just download the latest version, and you should be good to go. Too bad the actual Oculus Rift hasn’t received a new discount from its $399 list price as further reparation.

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