Oculus Rift gets temporary price cut to $349, six free VR experiences included

PC-connected VR headsets have slowly but surely moved into affordable hardware territory over the past few months, as the rise of standalone immersive gear is most likely upon us.

It also definitely helps that Oculus and HTC are probably looking to unveil direct sequels for their original Rift and Vive devices before long. And it obviously doesn’t hurt that the holidays are a traditional time of gift-giving and price-cutting.

Enter the latest Oculus Rift discount, this one merely available for a “limited time” in the US and select European markets. Stateside, you can score the company’s standard virtual reality package, including a pair of Touch controllers and two sensors, from Amazon, Best Buy, the Microsoft Store, Newegg and oculus.com, in exchange for $349, down from the previous reduced price of $399.

Keep in mind that the Oculus Rift + Touch combo used to cost a whopping $598 just a few months back, and the base HTC Vive bundle still fetches $599.

Incredibly enough, you also get six fun games and artistic tools included with your $349 Oculus Rift purchase, namely Dead and Buried (separately priced at $19.99), Medium (normally worth $29.99), Robo Recall ($29.99), Lucky’s Tale, Quill, and Toybox.

Furthermore, you can combine 21 premium VR experiences in special packs of seven titles costing a heavily discounted total of $99.99 now through December 1. Lastly, Archangel sells for $19.99 instead of $29.99, and the $14.99 DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles and Everest VR are both knocked off to $7.49 until November 29.

Now that’s what we call a comprehensive Black Friday sale!

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