Oculus Quest is a $399 all-in-one VR kit

Facebook-owned Oculus has taken another step towards pulling the PC tether and taking the phone away from high-quality virtual reality experiences. It started last year with the $199 Oculus Go and it continues today at the Oculus Connect 5 conference with the announcement of the Oculus Quest.

The headset comes with bifocal displays each measuring up 1600 x 1440 pixels and integrated audio. Unlike the Go, Quest brings two motion-tracked touch controllers — pretty much the same ones the Oculus Rift uses, tracked with four set-mounted, front-facing sensors — with six degrees of freedom.

The device has not been approved for radiofrequency use by the FCC yet, but it is expected to be certified in time for a commercial launch next spring at $399. It’ll come with 64GB of storage.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that Oculus is working on converting Rift titles over to Quest and that it will work harder on app cross-compatibility across multiple generations of Oculus hardware. More than 50 titles will be available at the Quest debut.

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