Save the date: October 19 could see Microsoft unveil new Lumias, Surface Pro 4, and more

With each passing day, Microsoft loses another precious opportunity to recover some of the lost ground in the challenging high-end smartphone arena. But if fresh rumors pan out, the Windows Mobile offensive may not be so far on the horizon.

The Lumia 940 and 940 XL, alternatively referred to as 950 and 950 XL by certain insiders and codenamed Cityman and Talkman, will likely sit out Berlin’s IFA trade show early next month. A dedicated press event scheduled before September ends also seems a long shot, so if MS wants to have the two flagship phones in stores by Christmas, it needs to take the wraps off in October.

This will reportedly happen, according to a website with a decent track record in speculation of this nature, on the 19th. Fret not, the same sources say, as the Lumia 940 and 940 XL should go on sale rapidly after their formal introductions. Pricing should be around $600 and $650 contract-free, respectively, so nowhere near as pricey as once gossiped.

A Surface Pro 4 “laplet” is tipped for a similar timeframe with Intel Skylake inside, and so are a diminutive Xbox One Mini gaming console and low-cost Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker. New York City is rumored for the event’s venue.

Source: Nokia Power User

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