While Google has never adhered to the excessively leaky code of conduct of most other top-tier mobile software and hardware designers, the search giant probably outdid itself with the secrecy and confusion surrounding this year’s Android iteration name, proprietary VR release(s), and Nexus upgrades.

Wait, what Nexus upgrades? It’s time to bury the purist-beloved brand, it seems, and embrace the Pixel label, which Google may want to more closely tie to its own name rather than those of third-party OEMs.

The Pixel and Pixel XL phones, formerly known as Sailfish and Marlin, are still expected to be built by an external partner, specifically HTC, and could see daylight on October 4. The prospective announcement date is lent further credence by a second reliable source, with a bunch of other stuff likely to get introduced or re-introduced and fully detailed at the same event.

You can look forward to the long overdue formal debut of the first ever 4K-capable Chromecast, dubbed Plus or Ultra, as well as a follow-up Google Home notice to the initial vague I/O unveil of the voice-enabled wireless speaker, and yes, the highly anticipated launch of the in-house Daydream “View” VR headset too. Hopefully, with an all-in-one design and standalone functionality now that Alcatel’s proven it possible. Either way, October 4 may have just stolen September 7’s thunder.

Source: Android Police

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